Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Here come the changes.

I know I'm not the only reader with a gigantic, festering, rapidly multiplying To Be Read pile.

Most of us place new books into a queue as we acquire them. If we pay attention, most of us probably already know which ones we'll get to soon and which we'll return to the library unopened--or shove onto a dusty bookshelf--with a guilty pat on the cover and a promise to return in a few months.

There's actually a lot of guilt involved in managing the TBR pile, especially for those who have friends' work waiting in there to be read and recommmended. However, sometimes a book comes along that just grabs you so hard that you forget the pile even exists. You sit down and you read the thing immediately, cover to cover, enjoying every moment.

Wouldn't you like to write that book? I sure as hell would.

I'd like to start a new post series here on the blog, and I'm calling it The Pile Jumpers. Not really reviews as such, just a bit of discussion about the books that have jumped my own TBR pile and a few thoughts as to why.

I'm also starting a post series dedicated to short story eBook collections. It's called Pick Of The Litter, and in it I'll share my thoughts on my favourite, standout short story within each collection. I'll start with the (mostly crime/noir) collections currently living in my Kindle, so that should see us through to summer.

Uh, that's the Southern Hemisphere summer...

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